Creating a Life I Love – Without An Elevator Pitch!

I was a bit worried in the days leading up to the Problogger Event that I didn't have an 'elevator pitch'. (You know, the two minute sum-up of what your blog or biz is all about that you prepare before you head to a conference filled with 450 people!!) Actually, I don't even know if an elevator pitch is meant to be thirty seconds, two minutes or four minutes... Really, it doesn't matter! And this blog post... is not really about elevator pitches anyway. So indulge me for one more minute and I promise I'll stop talking about them! So there I was in QLD, at this amazing event, meeting so many lovely bloggers, and without an 'elevator pitch'. And of course everyone you meet at a blogging conference wants to know what your blog is, and what you write about, so I had to say something! This is what I found myself telling the lovely bloggers I met. The truth:
"I started my blog just over two and a half years ago, and I've written just 43 posts. I dream about writing one or two posts a week... and find myself writing one every four to six weeks. Mostly I write about following your dreams, pursuing your passions and creating a life you love... because that's what I'm trying to do myself. I also have an online bookshop, selling books on craft, creativity and cooking, but I haven't really been maintaining it. What I REALLY want to do is to integrate my bookshop and blog, to make my blog a place where readers can come to find books, ebooks, digital products and courses - on things like blogging, pursuing your passions, creativity... -  to help them create a life they love."
For a 'not-an-elevator-pitch', I think it was alright really!! As I heard myself sharing the struggles and dreams of my blog many times over the course of the conference, I realized a couple of things:
  • I know EXACTLY what it is that I'm doing, where I'm heading with my blog & biz (and believe me, that's taken a long time to come to!)
  • and now, what I need to do is to remove the distractions and focus, totally focus on doing what I need to to create this dream biz.
And this week, I've been doing that!  Moving forward at a fast pace towards my dream!! I've written eight pages of my Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook, I've now published two blog posts (in one week!!!), I've been working on finalizing my mini ebook, 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies, and I've just created two new Facebook timeline covers (one for my personal Facebook page, and one for The Inspired Notebook Facebook page), following Retro Mummy's easy tutorial. They didn't take too long and are so much more colourful and interesting than the ones I had before!



I have my blog and biz work planned for the next nine days, and while the kids and I are down at the beach during the school holidays (with limited internet connection) I'll continue working on my ebooks and trying out green smoothie recipes. Now that my son has a GoPro (and is willing to rent it out to me at $1 a time!), I may even have a go at my first video book reviews - or at least practice - while we're away. You've got to love when work is so much fun that you're wanting to do as much as you can on weekends, weeknights and holidays! I'll be honest with you, I stood at my kitchen sink (the place where all my deep thoughts seem to happen!) a week before the Problogger Training Event and wondered if I could really even call myself a 'blogger'. One post every six weeks... I didn't feel like a blogger at all. But I shared my 'not-an-elevator-pitch' so many times during the two-day conference, and was so inspired by so many stories of other bloggers pursuing their dreams, that I think I started to believe in me as much as everyone else seemed to. And so I've stepped back into my life, but it's all different. I feel like a blogger. I'm doing 'blogger' things. Every day. I feel like I really am living my dream... Creating a life I LOVE!! And it's very awesome! Signature3 What about you? Do you have an elevator pitch? Are you living your dream? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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