It’s Here!!!… My Free eBook: 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies

Four weeks ago, my experience at the Problogger Event felt kind of momentuous and life-changing. I wrote here that I was ‘finally feeling like a blogger’. And still, three weeks have somehow passed since I wrote my last blog post.

I get little anxious pangs when I look at the date of my last published post. Because I REALLY want to be writing here so much more often.

BUT… I’ve still been busy doing ‘bloggy’ things! And (this is the most important thing, isn’t it?) having so much fun doing it as I work on creating a life I LOVE!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working like crazy to get my first ever ebook, 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies, published.

And it’s finally here!!

If you’re following Gorgeous Green Smoothies on Facebook, you may already have seen 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies and downloaded your copy.

If not, you can get your free copy now by signing up to my Gorgeous Green Smoothies mailing list below.

Green smoothies are my favourite ‘productivity tool’, as well as being an awesome addition to your daily diet if you’re wanting to lose some weight and get healthy. This little ebook is an introduction to what green smoothies are, what’s so great about them, and how to get started drinking green smoothies yourself.

In 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies, you’ll learn a bit more about my green smoothie story, and you’ll get seven of my most gorgeous recipes including recipes for Green Smoothie Lemonade, Green Brekkie Pudding and Green Strawberry Icecream. You’ll also get seven gorgeous journaling pages (that you can print off to record your own green smoothie experience).

Here’s a sneak peek:


If you’re even a little bit curious about green smoothies or what gorgeous recipes you’ll find in my ebook, you should definitely get a copy!!

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE!!

I hope you love it! And make sure you come back and tell me what you think! I’d love to know which recipes you’ve tried, what you loved, whether you found the journaling pages helpful… any thoughts or feedback you have, I’d love to hear from you!!


2 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!… My Free eBook: 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies

  1. It was so lovely to meet you at Problogger, and don’t worry, you are certainly not the only blogger that hasn’t made full use of their Problogger inspiration! (ahem, not just me!) Also, go easy on yourself re the blog posts, Lady – you’ve just published an ebook!! I bow down to your greatness!!

    1. So lovely to meet you too Lisa!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Problogger event. It was so much fun!
      Thanks for your encouragement re the sad blog posting schedule and the ebook adulation!! I’m so busy getting all caught up in what I ‘should’ be doing – because it’s on my To-Do list! – that I appreciate the reminder to stop and celebrate the successes along the way! Thanks for stopping by here! x

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