{Inspiration Files} Sharing the Love… and Pass the Tissues Too Please!!

Warning: This post may need to be digested slowly, in three parts (especially if you’re a big sook, as I obviously am!) Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Last week, my 11 year old son came home from school and the very first thing he told me was “Mum, you have to watch this. Mrs C showed it to us today at school…”

You may or may not have seen this already. It’s at least a few months old and been shared a lot already in that short time.

And of the 3.1 million views on this particular version of the clip? Well, at least 100 of those are mine!

Part 1

Attraction Shadow Theatre Group on Britain’s Got Talent

“I knew it would make you cry Mum!”

Mmm… not sure what the appeal is in seeing me cry. But yes, you were right my beautiful boy. It did. It really did!

And as if that wasn’t enough of a tearjerker, I have to tell you that it’s been one of those weeks…

A ‘many-boxes-of-tissues’ week!!!!

Because not only have I now watched the Attraction Shadow Dancers over and over, and over…

…but I also stumbled upon this post by Lisa-Jo Baker:

Part 2

When You Think Your Love Story is Boring

At the time of writing this, Lisa-Jo’s beautiful post has been shared 267,000 times on FB and has over 350 comments (and I think I read every one of them – and that wasn’t a procrastination thing, truly!)

More tears…

And then this, shared by a friend on Facebook:

Part 3

A Letter From Fred – “Oh Sweet Lorraine”

Jacob, and Green Shoe Studio, you are truly awesome!!! That you did this. Beautiful!

And Fred, I love so much that you got to hear your song produced so beautifully. Your wife Lorraine was a very lucky woman that you loved her so very much.

And lovely blog readers, if you have any tissues, please send them my way. Because I’m ALL OUT!!

I do hope you’re not cursing me for the overdose of tearjerkers!

Yes, there’s been tears, but such a huge amount of love and inspiration too…

I just had to share a little bit of that with you!

Feel free to pass it on – along with a box of tissues!!

Brigid xx