It’s here!!!! Gorgeous Green Smoothies, the ebook!

When I first started putting thoughts on paper for my Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook, back in April last year, I honestly expected to be launching the book in around July or August, just a few short months away. As it became clear that wasn't going to happen, I moved my anticipated 'launch' date to September... That didn't happen either. Then, there was my intention to have the book out well before Christmas, in November or early December. (2013!!) Back then, I was finishing work in my now ex-husband's business, continuing to work with him for six months following our separation mid- last year, adjusting to being a single mum, and dealing with not just my own emotional stuff but some strong emotions from the kids. In January, I let myself have a 'month off' - to just relax after such a turbulent year, and to enjoy some time with the kids on their school holidays. And still, I expected to finish the ebook in February... Which of course didn't happen. 2014. It's been another crazy year!! All along, I've strongly resisted the idea of  going out and getting a j.o.b. For a number of reasons. The main one being I have far too many notebooks filled with my biz dreams and ideas, and have spent too much time over the last few years wanting so badly to create this dream biz of mine. In June, July and August this year, I completed a course in Small Business Management, as part of the initial training for the government's NEIS program. Being accepted into the second stage of the program means that I now receive a fortnightly allowance while I work on building my biz over these next several months. Which is awesome!! And the very first step in building my dream biz, has been to finally publish my beautiful ebook. I never doubted that I'd finish the ebook. But I have to be honest and say, if I hadn't been so very, very sure that this was the thing I was meant to be doing... I suspect I may have given up long before I reached the end. If you know me IRL (In Real Life), are a friend on facebook, or are following my Gorgeous Green Smoothies Facebook page, you've probably seen the ebook and my new website already. If not, I'm super-excited to now be able to share these with you!! Gorgeous Green Smoothies, the ebook, is filled with recipes, tips, ideas and inspiration to encourage you to create a daily green smoothie habit. Because the more 'gorgeous' your green smoothies are, the more likely you are to come back for another tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... right?

Take a sneak peek inside:

SneakPeek It's six years now since I started drinking green smoothies, usually daily. And I won't give up this awesome habit, because there are so many benefits, which I've shared in the book. I've shared a lot about my own green smoothie experiences in the ebook. But as well as my story, you'll also get to read interviews with eight gorgeous contributors, who answer questions like:
  • How did you first discover green smoothies?
  • Was it love at first slurp?!
  • Do you have any green smoothie tips for beginners?
These lovely contributors, including Farnoosh Brock, Sarah Prout, Brooke McAlary, Lisa Wood and many others, have also shared their favourite recipes, which are included in the 4o recipes throughout the ebook. I've included ideas for green smoothies when you're on a budget, losing weight with green smoothies, some thoughts on blending vs juicing, and many resources including some of the best books to learn more about green smoothies. My own favourite thing about Gorgeous Green Smoothies though is that for every copy sold, I'll be donating $2 to support Dr Catherine Hamlin's work at the Addis Ababa hospital in Ethiopia with women suffering from obstetric fistula. If it sounds like a book that you'd be interested in, or you'd love to share with friends, I'd love for you to pop over to my new Gorgeous Green Smoothies website and find out more!

What will the rest of 2014 bring?

These next few months, I'm looking forward now to getting the ebook out there, and really helping to make a difference. But I'm hoping you may also see me getting back to blogging here a bit more regularly too! You know I said that my Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook is the very first step for me in building my dream biz? Well, I've got some exciting plans for 2015 that involve sharing a whole lot more of the resources that I know will help you along the way as you create your dream life and biz. One step at a time! One foot in front of the other. But always moving forward, getting closer to those dreams!! I hope you've been able to reach some of your own goals in 2014 too. (If not, there's still time!!) And look forward to sharing an exciting 2015 with you. In the meantime, keep an eye out here as I'm hoping to share some favourite resources with you before the year is out. And if you want to know more about the ebook and get some gorgeous green smoothie inspiration, check out the website or head over to Facebook and follow my Gorgeous Green Smoothies page. Signature3